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Phurit Boonmak

Students seeking employment play an important role in preparing to enter the workforce. Which finding work is very necessary And in addition to students having to prepare with skills and work experience outside of the classroom, There are still some factors that can enhance your chances of finding a job. BCR99TH has collected the following ways to prepare for finding a job after graduation.
1. Preparation and skill development
– Good work must begin with preparation and development of skills related to the student’s field of study or field of interest.
– Practicing life skills and communication skills is important.
2. Network creation
– Working while studying or having separate work experience Helps build effective networks in the working industry.
– Participating in student activities and seminars can help strengthen your knowledge of business and people in the professional circle.
3. Creating work experience
– Working through internships or cooperative education programs gives students real-world experience and insight into working in their field of interest.
– Having work experience increases your confidence and opens up your chances of finding a good job.
4. Creating work and improving potential
– Creating good work and focusing on improving your potential can help increase your chances of getting the job you’re interested in.
– Presentation of work or projects done during studies can be a good tool for application in creative or professional analysis.
5. Authentication and Communication
– Creating an effective resume and preparing for interviews is important.
– Clear communication and confident expression can help in building employers’ confidence in the student’s qualifications.
For students who are well prepared and have a positive outlook on their work. Your chances of finding the job you want will be increased.