Our Past Projects

Our Past Projects


This project was created to answer every day needs relating to the lack of project management skills amongst managers working with youth, especially those who are preparing to embark on a mobility project. E2MP members are all experienced in managing European projects and preparing young people for departure, which includes, mentoring and evaluating them during their mobility and on their return home. Their experiences allows them to understand the need for good tools and good methods of working with young people which is essential for the Youth workers and for the success of a participant project.

This partnerships of this project are CCW from Wales (UK), ADICE from France, CESIE from Italy, EFM from Poland and Sophie Delebarre Conseil from France.

CCW were them lead partners for the European Mobility Project Management Online Training, this is an innovative tool (online software) which presents the tools, methods, systems, skills and knowledge needed to teach youth workers and managers on how to manage European mobility projects for young people. The result will be an online toolkit used by the youth workers who support young people in the construction, preparation, monitoring and capitalisation of their mobility projects.

The aim of this online training is to provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to manage their own mobility project from their departure until they return home. It provides the participants with the training tools, advice and tips and a self-evaluation, that will help them to prepare their own tools and methods.

There are 6 modules that need to be completed to obtain the E2MP certification:

  • Promoting mobility projects and creating good partnerships
  • Defining a project for a participant
  • Preparing for a successful mobility project
  • Welcoming, hosting and following up the participant
  • Evaluating and capitalising the project after the end of the mobility
  • Handling specific issues

In each module, special information is provided for working with people with fewer opportunities; these sections – that are optional – can give access to special certification if the participants read through them.

The training is based on internal information and practices used by the participating organisation for this project, it is also supported by additional information provided by the National Agencies and European Commission websites. Other tools like videos, links, tables, etc. were used to support a better understanding of the management of Erasmus + projects.

The project started in May 2015 and has since been completed. You can find the website here: http://mobilitycompetences.com/