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    Keith Stawarz

    Destiny 2 players are urging Bungie to take a different story line with the upcoming Final Shape DLC. The expansion is scheduled for next year and will bring to a close the light and dark saga in Destiny 2. Players can prepare enough Destiny 2 Silver in the game.

    In Lightfall, Bungie is experimenting with a different approach to story progression, with subsequent seasons of Lightfall revealing details about the DLC campaign. That means the expansion’s core campaign leaves several unanswered questions. In a way, Bungie made good on its promise to explain things like the origin of the Witness or the purpose of the Veil in Destiny 2. However, the change in the style of Lightfall’s story progression was not well received by fans, with the DLC receiving “mostly negative” reviews on Steam. As a result, the community is calling on Bungie to change the way Final Form tells its story.

    Reddit user linkenski wrote a long post explaining why Bungie should end the saga of light and dark with The Final Shape event. They emphasized that since Lightfall’s approach failed and the community wasn’t happy with the progress, Final Form should explain the entire plot up front, leaving nothing to the imagination. Additionally, they mentioned that Bungie has an extremely rare opportunity to explain the entire story of Destiny 2 through an expansion pack.

    Many fans agreed with the post and admitted that this is where Bungie’s Destiny 2 story should go. One of the biggest reasons fans want this to happen is that light and dark have been playing out since Destiny 1, and there are still a lot of questions to be answered. Additionally, even as the light and dark saga draws to a close, the future of many elements of the story remains uncertain, so players felt there had to be an absolute conclusion that would do justice to the saga without leaving fans with more questions.

    As for the future of the game after The Final Shape DLC, Bungie hinted at a possible direction in which the Vex could become the main antagonist in Destiny 2. Vex are extremely complex creatures, and players still don’t fully understand their origin or motivations in the Destiny 2 universe. However, the developer explained that theVex has currently taken a step back and that theVex may emerge once a winner between the Traveler and the Witness is determined. For more game guides, please visit

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