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    Typically, throughout history, shorts were used more for necessity than fashion and were only really used when you were spending time at the beach or for some form of sport.
    However, as the years have rolled on and fashion has changed along with social perceptions, shorts have now become an important part of men’s fashion for use outside of just sun, sand and sports.
    Today we see shorts everywhere from the beach to business. They are not only suitable for warmer climates and summer months, but also seen used in both casual and formal wear.
    Life is short, don’t get confused about what to wear with shorts as there are lots of options in shorts to wear. Sometimes less is more and summer short is the perfect example of that.
    Summer is approaching, so now is the perfect time to start planning how you’re going to show off your legs in a new pair of shorts. In summer, shorts are perfect for occasions such as holidays, a day at the beach, BBQs or even just a day out with the lads.
    Shorts for men are the ultimate style quotient during summers and monsoon. Hence, irrespective of where you’re right now, you need no extra reason to sport different shorts styles. They are always season and occasion appropriate and you can either dress it down or notch it down to suit your fashion style. For instance, if you are wondering how to wear shorts to work on a casual Saturday, you can pair a formal shirt and shorts whereas, if you are going on a trip, especially if it is a long drive, shorts can be the classic way to shout effortless style and comfort.
    During summers, you do not want to haggle with those tight-fitting or body-hugging denim jeans, similarly during monsoon instead of ruining your favorite trousers and going through the hassle of it drying; the easy way out is by wearing shorts.
    With the weather being consistently warm in most places, shorts are easy to grab to keep you cool and comfortable. They’re also very versatile to where you can dress them up or down.

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