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    Keith Stawarz

    Fortnite is teaming up with another well-known franchise, and this time, players will be able to find Futurama characters and weapons on the battle royale island. Just a day before the v25.20 update went live, Epic Games announced that Fortnite would be teaming up with the hit adult anime Futurama, and fans couldn’t wait to learn more right away. Players can prepare enough Fortnite V-BUCKS in the game.

    When the update came out, players discovered that they could get some of their favorite characters as Fortnite skins, and they could also use Bender’s shiny metal ray gun to take out enemies in the game. This guide will show players how to obtain this new weapon and how it works.

    How to Get Bender’s Shiny Metal Ray Gun
    Before the release of v25.30, Fortnite players can expect to find Bender’s shiny metal ray gun in the battle royale mode, as the game partners with Futurama. Considering that updates are usually released on Tuesdays, and that v25.20 was released on July 26th, raygun should be around for a total of two weeks, meaning it should be available until August 8th.

    There are only two ways to get Bender’s shiny metal ray gun in Fortnite: players can find it through floor loot, or buy it directly from Bender.

    Since this is a mythic rare weapon, and the game’s current arsenal is quite large, it’s likely to be difficult for players to obtain it as floor loot. Thankfully, they can buy it from the grumpy robot for 600 gold bars. Bender is located near the docks in the southern area of the megacity, right next to the launch pad.

    How Bender’s Shiny Metal Ray Gun Works
    Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun works much like the current Arched Chimera Raygun, but it’s slightly more powerful. To fire Bender’s shiny metal ray gun, the player must hold down the fire button for a moment. It fires a beam, so it doesn’t need any ammo; instead, it will just overheat if fired for too long.

    Since it bursts continuously, it is easy to knock it down before enemy players realize it. Bender’s shiny metal ray gun can fire continuously for about five seconds while doing decent damage, and only takes about two seconds to cool down. Once it cools down, players can use it again without reloading. For more game guides, please visit

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