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    Emma Khoury

    Anti-Spam Engine makes its services effortless from initial installation through final reporting. The service requires no integration or migration and can be activated within three business days to provide 99% Spam Free Email. Using the MX Control Console, an intuitive web-based email threat management platform, administrators can effortlessly fine-tune email protection, establish group filtering policies, customize corporate policies, and stay abreast of message traffic flow and trends.

    Unlike traditional on-premise appliance and software products, the feature-rich, highly reliable service leverages a multilayered strategy to successfully keep more than 99% of destructive messages out of the business environment. Primary to Anti-Spam’s email defence effectiveness is its Stacked Classification Framework® spam detection system, which utilizes a patented method of identifying and controlling spam using a voting algorithm based on a sophisticated form of intelligent reasoning to achieve more than 99% accuracy.

    Within the Framework, the different spam filters separately assess and “vote” on the probability that a specific email is spam a technique that results in highly- accurate threat protection with industry-leading low false positive rates (legitimate email misidentified as spam). Furthermore, as new spam-detection techniques and filters are developed, AntiSpam can rapidly and seamlessly integrate them into the flexible Framework.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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