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    Streaming audio players, such as Internetradio, allow consumers to tune in to a variety of songs and programs. These are usually accessed through computers, smartphones, or smart speakers. A strong Internet connection is required for the Internet radio to work. The market for Internet radios is expected to experience positive growth in the near future.

    Unlike conventional radio stations, Internet radios have no restrictions on their content. In addition to the selection of music, internet radios offer listeners a chance to explore other informational tastes as well. For example, a user can find a station devoted to classic rock, jazz, or folk. Alternatively, users can search by genre, stream quality, or popularity.

    In the mid-1990s, streaming audio players began using lossy digital compression schemes, which squeezed songs through a tiny data pipe. These MP3 streams ran at rates as low as 16Kbps, freaking out discerning musicians. The technology also omitted extra data, chopping off song parts.

    In recent years, the market for Internet radios has seen positive growth, largely thanks to the development of high-speed Internet connections and lowering of streaming costs. In 2013, 42% of households in the US Broadband population had access to Internet radio, and the segment is predicted to continue its rapid growth.

    In order to create an Internet radio, you need a computer with a strong Internet connection, as well as a microphone. Some radios include an in-built mic, which can improve the sound quality.

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