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    The pros and cons of office phone systems for small business should be considered carefully. It might be helpful to ask your vendor if you are not familiar with it, to explain the benefits and/or disadvantages of their products. Then consider what those may mean to you. Are there any significant drawbacks to using a particular system? If so, would these problems be overcome by alternative means?

    Most people use personal phones and short-distance lines for business functions. In general, however, most office phone systems do not allow you to interconnect your phone line with your computer or the Internet. This is because most businesses want their employees to be able to work from their desk, and they don’t want their phones or fax machines to interfere with business operations. However, there are commercial phone systems that allow you to interconnect your devices easily, which will allow you to conduct all of your business communications while on the road.

    Best Office phone systems for small business to provide many of the same features as larger business phone systems. For instance, you usually have a three-line telephone system in place that connects you, your receptionist, and your accounting staff. Some also offer a virtual receptionist that will take messages and route them to the appropriate person. You can even have all of your incoming calls transferred to your voicemail box without having to leave your desk.

    If you have more than one employee, many office phone systems offer tiered voicemail to accommodate growth. If you have a larger business, consider purchasing a system that offers a centralized recording and transcription service. These services allow you to record your message and then have it transcribed into text documents for the files to be filed on your computer. You can also assign employees their own file names so that they have the ability to retrieve any important documents easily. There may also be a feature that allows each employee to have their own phone number that they use exclusively for business purposes.

    As your business grows, consider purchasing more sophisticated phones that include advanced features such as caller ID, call forwarding, and multi-line voicemail. If your phone system does not have these features, consider adding them. Many business phone providers offer extra services such as these when you purchase a system. If you plan to add extra hardware to your existing phone lines, be sure to purchase hosted software that will allow you to do this. This will save you money over the cost of purchasing dedicated server software.

    Office phone systems for small business are a great way to streamline communication among your employees. Before making your decision, consider all of the options available to you. You will likely find the benefits far outweigh the cons, especially if your business relies heavily on phone systems to communicate with customers and vendors.

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