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    Microsoft Cloud PBX is a virtual phone system, which makes use of telephony applications that are offered by Microsoft and also delivered as a hosted solution. The Microsoft Cloud PBX Australia is designed to give the businesses of today an affordable and robust communication platform. This solution offers multiple communication services like voice, conferencing, unified messaging, video, data, and calendaring. This server-based service also incorporates an application service which is known as Microsoft Office Online or MS Office. With the help of this service, users can run any type of business software like excel, word, excel, PowerPoint, web, and other office applications.

    Many organizations across the world are making the transition to Microsoft Cloud PBX systems for various reasons. Microsoft has proved its worth time and again by delivering cutting-edge technology that is essential for any successful organization. What is Microsoft Cloud PBX? The following article looks at the two major reasons why Microsoft Cloud PBX is now preferred by many companies.

    When was the last time you spoke to your boss on the phone? If you were to talk about issues like cost management, workforce management, payroll, and other similar issues, what would you get as a response from your company? If you are lucky enough to have an honest employee, you might be lucky enough to get a few honest to goodness conversations on diverse issues like communication, training, cost management, and other similar solutions. But what if the person you speak to is not an employee but a faceless, remote-access VPN server?

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