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    Before approaching any store available nearby, make sure that your card is activated. Those who don’t know, they read this helping post- How to activate Chime card? If your card is already activated, without any second thought you can follow the below mentioned steps:
    Find out any reputable departmental store nearby you.

    . Visit the store with your card and some cash money.
    . Get in touch with the cashier and ask if he can add money to your Chime account though Chime card.
    . If the cashier says yes, ask about the fee.
    . Once request the cashier to waive off the fee.
    . Once everything is sorted out, hand over your Chime card to the cashier.
    . Cashier might ask for your phone number just as a part of security.
    . Pay the fee as discussed.
    . Now within just a few seconds, the cashier available at the store will load money to your card with the help of a card reading machine.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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