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    Alex Samuel

    Given how expensive these accessories are today, it’s important to find the differences between the models and make sure that you have chosen the best for yourself. To do just that, first you need to know what questions are worth asking. Let’s go through the whole process together.

    From the very beginning, the quickest method to exclude watches from consideration is to pay attention to which smartphone you are going to connect them to. More precisely, to find out which mobile operating system you are currently committed to.

    Android Wear watches only work with Android phones; soon, the coming Apple watch will only work with iPhone. If you need something cross-platform, you may need to search among Pebble devices or fitness activity tracking devices that happen to include watches such as Fitbeat Charge or Microsoft Band.

    The last two even work with Windows Phone. At the opposite end of the row there is a line of mechanical smart watches that work only with Samsung Galaxy devices. If you do not want to connect to the phone at all, there is the massive Samsung Gear S.

    A smart watch rafiqsonsonline.com/product-category/smart-watches/ can be a gadget, but this is what you are going to wear on your wrist day after day, so in this case we cannot underestimate the importance of appearance. The LG G is cheaper than the Moto 360, but no one will mistake it for a traditional watch.

    You can get a lot of interesting information about Moto 360 here:

    The original ones supporting the kickstarter, Pebble are more affordable than Pebble Steel, but the latter look quite elegant when worn with a suit. To pick up something that you wear, look at the smart watch and feel the stream of thoughts carefully, because switching between the units of one brand is not as fast and easy as changing a regular watch every day.

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