Why do People Love to Burst Bubble Wrap so Much in UK?

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    Alex Samuel

    Find Jess’ little questions, all summer long. The principle is simple: an unusual question / an answer.

    Why do we love to burst bubble wrap so much?

    You receive a parcel with bubble wrap … Admit that it’s tempting to play with paper, isn’t it? In any case, whether you burst the bubbles wellpackeurope.com/small-bubble-wrap-roll-1000mm-x-100m.html with your feet, your hands or even your nose, I will explain to you why today bubble wrap is so fun…

    First, it is important to understand that there are no scientific studies that have been carried out on this subject … I imagine that the question was too banal … But, I managed to find two pretty theories amazing …

    The first one? Sadism! Yes Yes! In fact, when we see bubble wrap, it makes us feel invincible, stronger than anything. The fate of these little air pockets rests in our hands. Who should stay alive? Who should die? It is we who decide. Just by a little pressure, we have the power to change everything, to destroy everything … Yep, it looks like we all have a diabolical side … In short, we really appreciate this feeling of controlling everything, of being the king of our piece of paper, let’s continue!

    The second theory is a little more scientific than the first. Indeed, our senses (hearing and sight) would be so excited at the idea of ​​playing with this paper that they would ask endlessly. In short, I will spare you the details…

    What do you like the most? Do you prefer to believe that you have a little inner demon or that your senses are racing in front of … bubble wrap?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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